Americas Next Topmodel TV – Watch The Best Scenes from ANT

Here you can find the best clips from Americas Next Topmodel, with a lot of star guests. Check out new Videos here! Here are our favorite Scenes!

Americas Next Topmodel – Jason Derulo Posing the High Life

In this week’s shoot, the contestants board a private jet with Jason Derulo. Check the Video.

Drew Elliot’s Paper Magazine Party Social Media Challenge

The contestants have to work the room at a fabulous Paper Magazine party, while snapping editorial quality photos in the process to tell their story on social media.

Beyoncés Choreographer Teaches The Contestants A Routine ‚Sneak Peek‘

The ladies spend some time learning a dance routine with Chris Grant (Beyoncé’s choreographer) and then are challenged to choreograph their own moves while remaining model-esque.

Binta Goes Off on Courtney After She Wins the Challenge

Binta feels cheated after helping Courtney win the challenge and calls her out in front of everyone on the ride home.

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