Luxury Boat TV – Take a peek inside the most luxurious boats

Ever wondered what a luxurious boat looks like? Then check out our Youtube videos on luxury boats that will have you dropping the cash in no time.

Forbes – The Quarter Billion Dollar Yacht

Forbes is the go-to if you want to get the low-down on luxury goods. Take tours around luxury homes, cars and boats for a taste of the high-life. Check out their Forbes Lifestyle playlist for more:

BILLIONAIRES CLUB – €80,000,000 Chopi Chopi Superyacht by CRN Luxury Yacht – Megayach ⋆ BILLIONAIRES CLUB ⋆ LUXURY ⋆

Billionaires Club takes you behind-the-scenes on the world’s most luxurious superyachts. Let your jaw drop as you check out their SUPERYACHTS playlist:

bestdestination – New Diamond 70 Super Yacht

bestdestination showcases some of the best yachts on the market. They’ll have you drooling over these luxury boats in their Luxury Yachts & Yachting playlist:

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