Poetry Slam TV – Watch the crème de la crème slam it out

We’ve put together some of the best slammers around for you to enjoy. Watch the Youtube videos as they battle it out with only words as their weapon!

Savannah Brown -a poem for ohio | savannah brown

Listen to Savannah Brown slam it out on any and every topic. Her poems will have you coming back for more as she rhymes and riffs through heartfelt poems. Check out her poetry playlist below:

Button Poetry – Theresa Davis – „Like Like“ (Button Live)

Button Poetry hosts numerous poetry slam events throughout the year all in the name of slamming! Watch as guests give rhyme or reason to virtually any theme. Check out their Button Poetry Live playlist for more:

Poetry Slam Inc – 2016 NPS Finals – Baltimore – Grim Jackson „No More Heroes“

Poetry Slam Inc is responsible for the National Poetry Slam, the Individual World Poetry Slam, and the Women of the World Poetry Slam. Their channel features countless talented slammer ready to blow you away with their poems. Check out their 2016 National Poetry Slam Finals playlist below:

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