Fail TV – Fails happening around the globe

On Fail TV yuu will always find the best of the best of the fails that occurred to mankind. We hope those misarys won’t happen to yuu. In Playlist shows some extrem fails but also some quite funny videos of people failing like hell. Lean back & Enjoy!

Fail Army – The ultimate Fail Videos

These Youtubers got very well picked and funny fails for their fail compilations. The Videos are updated every week. Check her channel: Fail Army on YouTube

Just For Fun – The Channel

More funny videofails are presented by Just for fun. One of our favorite Influencers when it comes to finding the best fails. The YouTube-Channel Just For Fun exists since 7.07.2015 and reached in February 2017 443.436 Subscribers and sum up a total of over 243 Views. 
Check her channel: Just For Fun

YUU !!