Beauty TV – Watch the best hair tutorials

Here you can find the best hair tutorials of popular YouTubers and influencers. View new videos with tips for curly, straight, wavy or any other hair type. Check out our favorite YouTubers below.

Jasmine Brown – The beautiful girl with curly hair

Jasmine Brown is known for her beautiful natural curly hair and gives helpful tips to those who know the struggle of having natural, curly or wavy hair. From curly hair routines to how to straighten curly hair, you will find everything on her channel. Check her out here.

Vivian V – The hair and beauty YouTuber

Vivian V focuses on hair tutorials and vlogs. She shows her followers how to braid hair, get heatless wavy hair and much more. Check out her channel here!

Chloe Boucher – The girl with the blue eyes

She doesn’t only impresses her followers with her beautiful eyes, but also with special hair and make up tips for everyone. Here you can find the best tips. Check out her channel.

The Find Guru – Guru for wigs and curly hair

The Find Guru shows her followers how to apply wigs and how to keep your curls healthy. View her channel here!

SunKiss Alba – The beautiful mother and YouTube star

SunKiss Alba videos are all about curly hair styles. But you can also use her tips for straight or wavy hair. She is one of our favorite YouTuber, so take a look at her channel here!

EMAN – The best beauty vlogger around

EMAN mostly does hair tutorials, vlogs and make up videos on her Youtube channel. If you want to know how to achieve beautiful hair styles or last minute Halloween tutorials, hop over to her channel here.

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