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Want to see the best playlists, TV shows and live streams without the hassle for free online? Then you’ve come to the right place! On Yuu.one you can watch your favorite series right here live for free! On our new platform for streaming you’ll find the best playlists and channels from all corners of the web. Whether you are looking for handy beauty or fashion tips to refresh your make-up routine, or looking to snuggle up with a cat video or two, Yuu.one has everything in one place for you. Here you will find all the important modeshows and, of course, Phlox Point

Fitness and sports for you

In the Fitness and Sports section, you will find all the important videos and bloggers that help you reach your desired figure. With free videos and tutorials, you can quickly and easily reach your dream figure. We will help you make the best sports programs and find the easiest exercises for you. Whether professional in the gym or if you want to make your exercises easy from home. With you in online courses, which you find here in ours, sports and fitness is easy for both men and women!

The latest games and absolute classic games!

In our game channel, you’ll find the latest trends for the Playstation, Xbox and for the PC. Of course, we also have videos for all the other important platforms and tutorials for every important game in the market. No matter if you are a League of Legends fan or an absolute Counter Strike professional, with our tutorials and videos, you can watch tutorials live during your game and get new tips and tricks to improve your game!

Lifestyle! Travel and new trends

Of course, on our streams you can also see a lot about traveling. We look for you at the secret places of the stars and travel the whole world. In our online stream, you can browse around the world, from New York to Los Angeles, to destinations all over the world, from London to the UK, to Sydney in Australia. Our lifestyle channel takes you to the most exclusive orders! Check out the latest and most expensive watches, cars and real estate.

Music for the office and everyday life!

In our Music Channel you will find the best Playlist for you at home, for relaxing, for a long office day or for the party in the evening. We offer you the best songs and your favorite stars! Whether it’s Deep House, House Music or Hip Hop, our music channels can stream your favorite songs for free. You do not even get ads! Our streaming service is so far totally free of advertising.

Sports: Tennis, basketball, football and more

Whether the latest basketball match, the new football tournament or the tennis championship. In our sportchannel you find the best sports sorted directly and clearly. Here you can see the latest games together with your friends and look forward to your team! Fever with our free streaming offer directly and free with your favorite team. We offer you all topics, not just the trend sports. Of course, you will also find the most important in the field of cars and motorsports, or for example. Also to is boards.

TV shows and series for free

In our TV channel you get all the important series for free. Not only series, we also have the best TV shows from America and worldwide for you. Just go to our side, look at your favorite series and lie back on your sofa. Grab a few chips, a good coke, and the TV goes on alone or with the best friend!

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YUU Live Stream - Sport, Space, TV & more

YUU Live Stream - Sport, Space, TV & more

YUU Live Stream - Sport, Space, TV & more

YUU Live Stream - Sport, Space, TV & more